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Beaches and coves

One of the main charms of the Costa del Maresme are its beautiful beaches and coves. There are three beaches in Calella: Playa Grande, Playa de Garbí and Playa de las Rocas. Each of the beaches has its own charm and particular appeal.

All the beaches of Calella have free Wi-Fi, the BIOSPHERE seal of environmental quality, the Q of Tourist Quality and the Blue Flag. In addition, the beaches of Calella are the first in Catalonia to receive the Safe Tourism Certified seal. Les Roques beach, which is considered a marine ecosystem, does not allow angling to preserve the cormorant colony that lives and nests there and from 2022 onwards, it will be a smoke-free space and no smoking will be allowed.

Playa Grande de Calella

The largest beach in Calella: 1403 metres. Golden sand and moderate waves. Offers a wide variety of services: public toilets, showers, beach bars, sun loungers, umbrellas, and sports and children's activities, as well as a surveillance service from the local police and the Red Cross medical service. It also offers public services adapted for the disabled with ramps to the water, showers, toilets and amphibious chairs. It has the “Biosphere” seal of commitment to sustainability and holds the Blue Flag for the beaches of Europe. Our GHT Balmes Aparthotel & Splash hotel is located near this beach.

Garbí Beach

Playa de Garbí is a beach certified with the Blue Flag and Q for quality. It has about 814 metres of golden sand and moderate swell. This beach offers excellent services such as a beach bar, sun loungers and umbrellas and for wheelchair users, adapted facilities: ramps to the water, public toilets and adapted showers, lifeguard and rescue services. Awarded with the blue flag for beaches in Europe (FEE) and the "Q" for Quality from the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE).

GHT Marítim Hotel can be found on this beach.  

Playa de las Rocas

Playa de las Rocas is formed by several coves with large rocks and is a wonderful natural and scenic setting. It is also the ideal place to do snorkelling and angling. It is 750 metres long, with calm waters, rocks and golden sand. It has a nudist area. The lighthouse and the old watchtowers of Calella are nearby. In addition, it has a medical service and police surveillance, as well as showers and a restaurant-bar. Considered a marine ecosystem, it does not allow rod fishing to help preserve the cormorant colony that lives and nests there and from 2022, it will be a smoke-free space and no smoking will be allowed.

Info Calella's beaches

Check here all the information on the 3 beaches of Calella: accessibility, services, surveillance and quality.

Info Calella's beaches Info Calella's beaches

Catalonia’s beaches at your fingertips

If you want to have all Catalonia’s beaches of at your fingertips, the Generalitat of Catalonia has created an application providing information about 300 Catalan beaches: It is called PlatgesCat (Platges Catalunya). [LINK]This application provides relevant information on water quality, safety flags, jellyfish, the state of the sea and the services and equipment available.

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