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Group Facilities

If you are interested in organizing any type of event (a meeting, conference, activity or show), Calella has sports facilities and multi-purpose rooms for different sized groups. Calella is an ideal city for all your events beside the sea. 

Llobet-Guri Factory Multi-purpose room

In Calella there is a multi-purpose room located in the Llobet-Guri building, a former textile factory that is now owned by the Town Hall. It is host to dance, music, theatre and drawing schools and is also a space for young people and other groups.

This factory’s Grand Room has recently been renovated. It is completely soundproof and heated. In addition, it complies with the security measures set out by the regulations, which makes it an ideal room for business meetings, conventions, gatherings, banquets, concerts, shows and stages.

  • Stage: 12x9m
  • Proscenium arch: 8x7m
  • Platform to bottom: 2m
  • Platform height from floor: 1m
  • Platform distance to ceiling: 2.95m

Check all the information on Fábrica Llobet at the Town Hall: Mercè Castelos - Calella Town Hall (tel. 93 766 30 30 or email

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