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Holidays with children in Catalonia

At GHT Hotels, we are specialists in family holidays. Many of our hotels have entertainment programmes and special services for those traveling with children, so it is easy to find your ideal destination. In addition, we offer a special discount for large families!

Catalonia has a lot of coastal towns ideal for getaways and family tourism holidays. These are family-friendly destinations equipped with hotels, such as GHT Hotels, restaurants, leisure parks and activities for children. There are also health and safety facilities for the whole family’s peace of mind.

Discover all that GHT Hotels has to offer for your family holidays on the Catalan coast!


Slides and endless fun


The fun in the sand, it never ends!


local events scheduled in summer


deliciously scrumptious!


unique and memorable


rich in history


all together!

Hotels for family holidays

Most of our hotels for holidays with children and family have children's entertainment during the summer months, as well as facilities designed exclusively for children, such as playgrounds, wading pools or Mini Club.

At the GHT Balmes Hotel, Aparthotel & Splash, you will also find the small Splash! water park so that the little ones can let their imagination run loose while playing in the water!

The hotels have high chairs, chairs, baths and toilet adapters in rooms to assist you with childcare.

GHT Balmes Hotel, Aparthotel & Splash***
From 24.30 EUR/pax Ght Club 23.09 EUR/pax Book now
Lloret de Mar
GHT Aquarium & SPA
Hotel GHT Aquarium & Spa****Sup
From 31.10 EUR/pax Ght Club 29.55 EUR/pax Book now
Hotel GHT Oasis Park & Spa****
From 29.50 EUR/pax Ght Club 28.03 EUR/pax Book now
Tossa de Mar
Hotel GHT Costa Brava & Spa
Hotel GHT Costa Brava & Spa***
From 30.50 EUR/pax Ght Club 28.98 EUR/pax Book now
Hotel GHT Oasis Tossa & Spa
Hotel GHT Oasis Tossa & Spa****
From 30.40 EUR/pax Ght Club 28.88 EUR/pax Book now
Aparthotel GHT Tossa Park
Aparthotel GHT Tossa Park***
From 48.90 EUR/pax Ght Club 46.46 EUR/pax Book now
S'Agaró - Sant Feliu de Guíxols
Hotel GHT S'Agaró Mar
Hotel GHT S'Agaró Mar****
From 35.70 EUR/pax Ght Club 33.92 EUR/pax Book now

Family destinations on the Catalan coast

The Costa Brava and the Barcelona Coast - Maresme are full of beach towns ideal for a family holiday.

Discover all that our Family-friendly Destinations have on the Catalan coast and take advantage of your stay to reconnect with your family and have a great time!

By booking on our website a stay of 4 nights or more, you will enjoy a free family activity at the ACTIV NATURA adventure park: football - golf!

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