Calella, certified in FAMILY TOURISM, SPORTS TOURISM and CYCLING TOURISM, which hosts a large number of sporting and cultural events, and somewhere to enjoy the nice beach and shopping at the  mall in the center of town.

Calella receives this recognition for being a good example of how the sport is a tool for health, social cohesion, education and respect, values promoted by the association ACES.


Calella - Costa de Barcelona - Maresme

Calella is only 30 minutes away from Barcelona and has over 3 kilometres of beach. There is also a small rocky area from Capaspre with magnificent rocky coves. The town centre nestles between the coastline and the Montnegre-Corredor nature reserve. The wide golden sandy beach has been awarded the European Blue flag of excellence due to its quality for the past 8 years. This factor has aided the creation of an important tourist haven and an infrastructure of services enabling visitors to enjoy a variety of different beach and water sports: ( kayak, beach volleyball, aerobics, mini-club, beach library, etc). The Garbí beach has also been awarded a Q for quality. Calella has been awarded the Family Tourism seal of approval. During the summer months a large number of family leisure activities are arranged, as well as excursions to explore the surroundings of the town. The town centre has an important shopping area and for the added comfort and safety of visitors, is a car-free zone. The old town has been preserved close to the church with its narrow rectilinear streets which enjoy a vibrant atmosphere in the summer months. Other important elements are the Lighthouse, a major symbol of Calella, which was built in 1859, and the Towers (used for signalling) close by, which were built between 1849 and 1850. The early 20th century Dalmau park is a haven for nature lovers and the Manuel Puigvert promenade with its 100 year old banana trees and the Garbí promenade allow visitors to stroll along whilst enjoying the sea views. The forest tracks surrounding Calella in the Montnegre park are ideal for hiking and mountain bikes. Calella is also renowned for its Carnival, Catalunya Rose exhibition, the oldest and most important Sardana group of Catalunya, the Sant Quirze, Minerva and Santa Julita local festivities, the summer dance and music festival, the Calella and l’Alt Maresme Fair, the International Music Bands festival and the spectacular Beer Festival, "Oktoberfest".

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