Calella, certified in FAMILY TOURISM, SPORTS TOURISM and CYCLING TOURISM, which hosts a large number of sporting and cultural events, and somewhere to enjoy the nice beach and shopping at the  mall in the center of town.

Calella receives this recognition for being a good example of how the sport is a tool for health, social cohesion, education and respect, values promoted by the association ACES.

Calendar of events

Catalunya Break Spring 27/4 - 30/4 & 27/10 - 30/10 2019

Festival - International competition open to all arts and artists of any nationality, creed and culture: dancers and choreographers, musicians and orchestras, lyric or light singers, choirs, painters and photographers, theater and fashion and anyone who wants to express their art on stage of a real theater without age limits with the presence of a quality jury.

27/4 - 30/4  & 27/10 - 30/10   2019

Renaissance 4-5/05/2019

When the Renaissance Fair is on, the town centre is transformed into a series of decorated spaces where all kinds of family activities are held. A large craft market is accompanied by shows, street performances, music, food tastings and kids’ activities.


10/5 - 12/5  2019

 Come and enjoy this exciting show ...! It is unique ... You can stay in Calella or Lloret, villages surrounding the circuit..


18/05/2019  10:00-12:00  Passeig Manuel Puigvert

05/10/2019  10:00-12:00  Passeig Manuel Puigvert

IRONMAN Barcelona - Calella


IRONMAN 70.3 Barcelona-Calella: 19th May 2019 Typical distances: 1.9 km swim, 90 km cycling and 21.20 km run (half marathon).

IRONMAN Barcelona-Calella: 6th October 2019 Distances: 3.8 km swim, 180 km cycling and 42.2 km run (marathon)


14/6 - 16/6  2019

The excitement of seeing the bikes round the circuit is huge .....! You can stay in Calella or Lloret, villages surrounding the circuit.

Calella - Moments of Flowers 25-26/05/2019

As its name suggests,Moments of Flowers is a flower show in some different areas of the city and public and private gardens, that have a special value and, over the years, have witnessed the history of Calella. Spaces that are generally closed and, taking advantage of this event will be open to be admired and enjoyed by all citizens.

Sardana Festival (1-2/06/2019)

When: The first weekend in June


The Calella sardana festival dates back to 1926 and is known as Catalonia’s Ancestral Sardana Festival; the oldest of its kind. Each year, sardana dancers from around the country come to Calella for this unique event, held in the wonderful setting of the Passeig de Manuel Puigvert and the Parc Dalmau, accompanied by the best cobles (sardana bands) in Catalonia.

21st Screamin' Festival 3-9/06/2019

A 50`s Rock n' Roll Holyday Festival

Screamin' combines incredible music, unbelievable top DJs and the sea and sun of Calella. Imagine beach parties all day long and Rockin' music till the wee hours. A week-long vacation that transports you into a relaxed yet wild world of like-minded people from all over the globe.

Tricircuit SPRINT 09/06/2019




Local Festivals

Calella has two town festivals, that of Sant Quirze and Santa Julita on the 16th June (patrons of the town) and that of Minerva, on the 23rd September, The festival of patron saints on the 16th June is also known as the “little festival”. People come out to eat in the streets and all of Calella’s various organisations play a very active part in the different events. The Festa Major de la Minerva on the 23rd September is the “big festival”. It has a bit of everything: the call to the festa major, the giants’ parade, the dance of the pubilla (the girl in traditional costume), outdoor bars for the young people, concerts and more.

Corpus Christi carpets

Carpets of flowers and altars on the streets of the town centre.

  • Calella: 23/06

  • Tossa de Mar: 20/06



Since ancient times, we welcome the summer solstice with celebrations of fire. We light bonfires the shortest night of the year in honour of the sun and to ward off evil spirits, and it is common to get rid of old furniture and unwanted items as a symbol of life renovation and purification. Saint John's Eve is a magical night where the city dresses in its best to celebrate the official beginning of summer, with fireworks, sparklers and dancing until sunrise.


It is a night to share, where we have dinner in the streets at long tables with neighbours and guests. The usual nightlife is concentrated in the centre and you can hear music everywhere

Catalunya Open Dards International 7-8/09/2019

7-8/09/2019  Fàbrica LLobet

The Catalonia Open Darts and the FCD Anniversary Open, two rankings for WDF and BDO, with invitations for the prestigious Winmau World Masters and to the Playoffs Lakeside World Pro. Don't miss the event.


Calella and Alt Maresme Fair 20-23/09/2019

In the shade of the centenarian plantain trees of the Passeig de Manuel Puigvert, the whole family can enjoy the Calella and Alt Maresme Fair for a few days. Traditions and craft products from all over Catalonia are here for anyone to purchase. It is an unmissable event for those who love ancient traditions and it’s a unique opportunity to fill one’s pantry with high-quality products.

International Folk Festival 7-8/09/2019

When: 7-8/09/2019 

The primary purpose of the International Folk Festival is one of cultural exchange and the dissemination and promotion of traditional arts. The cultural diversity, music, dance, craftsmanship and other forms of popular and traditional arts encourage public participation and invite visitors to experience the quality and visual spectacle of the companies and groups taking part.

Oktoberfest Calella 28/9-13/10/2019

The festival kicks off with the ceremony of the opening of the barrel in a venue decorated in the purest Bavarian style with furniture specially brought over from Munich and bands from all over Europe playing every night. Some of these bands are made up of more than sixty musicians in traditional costume. When it comes to the beer, on average more than 40,000 litres are drunk during the three weeks of the festival. The very best traditional German cuisine is also on offer, such as bratwurst, kartoffelsalat, schnitzel and much more.

European Choir Festival "Canta al Mar" 23-27/10/2019

European Choir Festival "Canta al Mar"

Enjoy with your choir or as a spectator of this event, relaxing in the Catalan Mediterranean coast! Sun, beach, sea, singing ... A festival of choirs combining culture and fun.

Calella, moments of happiness

A video of Calella and moments of happiness ...

What to do in Calella and surroundings

Here is an overview of recreational activities, festivals, sports and culture from which you can also enjoy in Calella during the year, and information from our beaches and surrounding areas.