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Platja d'Aro - Costa Brava

Platja d’Aro lies within the boundaries of Castell – Platja d’Aro. Since the summer, Castell-Platja d'Aro receive visitors at Family Holiday Destination.

Festival XALARO  21-23/06/19

Festival XALARO 21-23/06/19

Show of shows for family tourism on the Paseo Marítimo
Platja d'Aro, June 21-23
The first summer festival of the Costa Brava is dedicated to the family audience with music, magic, theater, circus, humor and street entertainment with a program of 20 free shows and outdoors, around the Paseo Marítimo: Lax'n'Busto, Cia. Ytuquepintas, Damaris Gelabert, Cia. La Tal, The Laughs, Pere Hosta ... And many more. Will you miss it

Calendar of events PLATJA D'ARO

Calendar of events PLATJA D'ARO

23rd June: fireworks display on the even of Sant Joan, to welcome the summer.

2nd to 6th July: international dance festival, in its 16th year

9th July: singing of Havaneres by Cavall Bernat, with the participation of other groups

15th august: Local Festival of Platja d'Aro
(Platja d'Aro - Castell-Platja d'Aro)

September 11: Drawing Fair

Festival  Jardins de Cap Roig   07.07 - 22.08

Festival Jardins de Cap Roig 07.07 - 22.08

The auditorium of the Botanical Garden, located in a particularly unique place, the sea, will host another year, Cap Roig Gardens Festival, a summer festival open to various stage disciplines. The dance, world music, opera, jazz, classical music ... are the programmatic areas of a festival that seeks to provide, within the range, accuracy, quality, originality and creativity in all its shows , to reach a wider public sector. Great figures of the scenes have brought and will bring their art to the audience of Cap Roig, a benchmark in the summer festivals.

Festival International de la Porta Ferrada   14/07 - 18/08

Festival International de la Porta Ferrada 14/07 - 18/08

Do not miss the Festival and then come to our hotel in S'Agaró-Sant Feliul!

The Festival International de la Porta Ferrada, the oldest of Catalonia, was born in 1958 at the Monastery of Sant Feliu de Guíxols and it’s name was originated in the oldest part of this monumental set. Located between most outstanding of the summer panorama, it offers a program of quality directed to an extensive and heterogenous public. Its interdisciplinary character –music, theater and dance- makes this high level, guaranteed by artists of recognized prestige.

Bicycle Touring in Catalonia

Bicycle Touring in Catalonia

Catalonia, and especially the Costa Brava and Costa Barcelona - Maresme, are privileged sites for the practice of bicycle touring, which involves cycling without competitive spirit, using the bicycle as a mean of physical exercise, fun, transportation or tourism.

Great weather, beautiful landscapes, mountain, beach, and a comprehensive network of routes make Catalonia an ideal place for cycling.

Vies Braves - Sea Swimming Lanes

Vies Braves - Sea Swimming Lanes

Vies Braves is an open water public network of marine itineraries designed for sports, leisure and teaching activities.

Signs and buoys provide a safe way of enjoying open waters and exploring the shoreline from the sea.

Vies Braves allow you to combine activities such as swimming and snorkelling with trekking or running, as most of the routes run parallel to the existing coastal paths all along the shore, therefore affording the landscape’s discovery from different perspectives.

Vies Braves is a public-private initiative, unique in the world, designed to foster landscape as a touristic destiny for open water swimming and snorkelling.

9th SUMMER CARNIVAL Tossa de Mar  31/08/19

9th SUMMER CARNIVAL Tossa de Mar 31/08/19

31st august, 22:30h

8th summer CARNIVAL parade in Tossa de Mar. Come and enjoy!!!

26th. VW Classic Car Gathering  20-22/09/2019

26th. VW Classic Car Gathering 20-22/09/2019

26th Concentration of VW Classics Aircooled Tossa de Mar





Bringing together experience and illusion of the participants of the formerly known Costa Brava Xtreme Running race, we are looking forward to creating a great trail running event in the beautiful surroundings of Costa Brava region, on the trails of the recovered Camino de Ronda way. 
Our goal is to create an event where each and every runner would find a race modality which would answer his requirements and would challenge him in the best way.

Via Ferrada - Cala del Molí

Via Ferrada - Cala del Molí

Located in the charming town of Sant Feliu de Guixols, this Via Ferrata consists of two sections and several cable bridges to help move from a wall to another. A rock walls dotted with orange granite and quartz, which in contrast to the blue tones of the sea make the road to Cala Moli one of the most beautiful of Catalunya.

In case you do not already know, a via ferrata is a good way to have a first contact with the heights, if you have not had before. It consists of an equipped wall with stairs attached to the rock and other structures that help you enjoy nature and landscapes while practicing sport.