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Entertainment at the Hotel GHT Aquarium & Spa

Your ideal hotel for holidays with children in Lloret de Mar

The Hotel GHT Aquarium & Spa is one of our hotels offering children's entertainment in the town of Lloret de Mar: during the summer there are activities programmed for children and families. In addition, the hotel has services and facilities that make it easier for parents to take care of their babies.

Facilities for kids

At the Hotel GHT Aquarium & Spa, you will find facilities for the younger family members, including swings and mini-club.

The hotel mascot

If you still haven’t met our mascot, now’s the time! He is a dragon called Jordi, who dances and plays with children to make their stay as fun as possible.

Entertainment for children and adults

From mid-June to mid-September the hotel organises a variety of activities so that kids can never get bored.

Activities in Lloret de Mar

If you want to enjoy a holiday with your family, Lloret de Mar is an excellent choice as it offers a variety of very interesting and original activities. Among these activities you can find the Gnome Park, kayak trips and the bowling alley, to name just a few.

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