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Beaches and coves

Lloret de Mar is an unbeatable place to enjoy the Costa Brava and its beaches. In Lloret there are several beaches and coves surrounded by steep cliffs and Mediterranean pine trees: the typical landscape of the Costa Brava.

Lloret Summer Nature program with activities, such as light diving, organized by the Casa del Mar de Fenals nature interpretation center, which allows participants, both individually and as a family, to discover the fauna and flora of our marine environment; onboard yoga, which combines surfing yoga on Fenals beach in the early hours of the morning (8.30 am) and rowing (with beginner and advanced classes), which offers a different proposal for get to know the Lloret coast.

Santa Cristina de Lloret de Mar Beach

The Santa Cristina Beach presents a privileged situation, between two large hills that protect it from the winds and waves, ensuring its waters are constantly calm. Santa Cristina is accessed from the hermitage that from which it takes its name and there is a car park nearby. The descent that is to the left of the hermitage and that takes us to the same beach is a hint of what we will find. Through a sandy path surrounded by the shadows of the trees, the sound of birds and water, we reach the beach that is under 500m in length.

Fenals Beach

Surrounded by hotels and apartments, Fenals Beach is Lloret de Mar’s second urban beach and where our 2 hotels are located: GHT Aquarium & Spa and GHT Oasis Park & ​​Spa. Fenals is located in a bay protected from the winds by a massif that separates it from the town centre and Lloret beach. It has the Q certification and the Blue Flag.

Cala Banys

"Cala Banys" is a rocky and steep cove that does not have sand, especially recommended for fishing or snorkeling as it is an area rich in the various species of rockfish that can be found on the Costa Brava.

The surroundings are beautiful and exotic, you can easily get there by walking from Lloret beach along the Ronda road or by car through Sant Joan Castle.

Approximate length 100 m, without sand it is rocky

Swimming season: from June 15 to September 15

Cala Sa Boadella

Sa Boadella Cove is 250 metres wide and stands out as a quiet place with crystal clear waters: an almost unspoilt spot in the middle of the Costa Brava. Like the other beaches of Lloret de Mar, Cala Sa Boadella has the EU Blue Flag certification. Sa Boadella beach is less accessible than other coves, which makes it quieter and appropriate for those wishing to escape hustle and bustle and who want a bit of peace and quiet. To get to Sa Boadella, you have to leave the car on the road that goes up to Santa Cristina Hermitage and walk along a dirt road for 200 metres until reaching the beach.

Lloret de Mar Beach

The Lloret Beach is more than 1.5km long and is the longest beach in the town after which it is named. It is an urban beach that is located in the centre of Lloret and has a car park that allows you to leave cars on the beach. In addition, this beach has the Blue Flag certification.

Sa Caleta Beach

Sa Caleta Beach is located next to Lloret beach, under the mythical Castle d'en Plaja, with its beautiful views of Lloret de Mar beach.

Playa de Treumal

Located next to Santa Cristina Beach in Lloret, Treumal Beach is 400 metres long. This small cove has a natural environment that gives it a wild air and its steep slope means there are larger waves here. This cove can also be accessed from the Santa Cristina Hermitage.

Cala Canyelles in Lloret de Mar

Canyelles Cove is the farthest beach away in Lloret de Mar and is accessed from the road that leads to the town. It was awarded the Blue Flag and has a small harbour and Yacht Club. Similar in size to Santa Cristina beach, Canyelles stands out by having the only marina in Lloret de Mar. Its sand, thick and white, is typical of most beaches in Lloret and many on the Costa Brava. Cala Canyelles is surrounded by cliffs full of pine trees.

The Blue Flag in Lloret de Mar

The beaches of Lloret de Mar with the Blue Flag are: Lloret beach, Fenals beach, Sa Boadella Cove and Santa Cristina beach. 

The services offered by the Blue Flag beaches are:

  • WCs adapted for people with reduced mobility and with nappy-changing facilities. 
  • Showers equipped with foot baths and showers adapted for people with reduced mobility. 
  • Adapted walkways with access for people with reduced mobility. 
  • Amphibious chair. 
  • Lockers service. 
  • Water cleaning (collection of floating solids) and analysis.
  • Service maintenance of beach facilities and equipment.
  • Bathing service and support for people with reduced mobility.
  • Changer adapted for people with reduced mobility and shade area.

All the beaches of Lloret at your fingertips

If you want to have all Catalonia’s beaches of at your fingertips, the Generalitat of Catalonia has created an application providing information about 300 Catalan beaches: It is called PlatgesCat (Platges Catalunya). [LINK]This application provides relevant information on water quality, safety flags, jellyfish, the state of the sea and the services and equipment available.

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