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Playa de Aro is a town with a a wide range of activities and sports to enjoy during your holidays. You have many options available to you: hiking on foot beside the sea along the coastal walk, bike routes, water activities, swimming in the Vias Bravas, golf and pitch & putt.

Walking and cycling trails

There is a wide range of outdoor sports activities in Castell-Playa de Aro thanks to the great natural environment, which allows cycling or hiking routes along signposted routes and excursions to Les Gavarres and Puig Pinell. The Playa de Aro coastal walk (GR-92) offers the opportunity to explore the Costa Brava coastline with fabulous views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Indoor activities

Castell-Playa de Aro has several indoor spaces where you can do sports activities such as the sports centre or the gym.

Water activities

The great beach at Playa de Aro is ideal for many activities. Above all, water sports: at Playa de Aro you can do sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, stand-up paddle surfing, snorkelling, swimming and fishing.

Vías Bravas, sea swimming lanes in Playa de Aro

The Vías Bravas are a marine and open water public network for sports, leisure and educational activities.

These lanes offer safe ways of enjoying the “open waters” of our coast.

The Playa de Aro - Cavall Bernat Vía Brava is 1 km in length and average in difficulty. This Vía Brava is open from June to October, and is ideal for swimming in open water and snorkelling.

Golf Courses and Pitch & Putt

Near the town of Playa de Aro, and less than half an hour away by car, you will find several golf courses and Pitch & Putt areas.

- Club Golf d’Aro

- Costa Brava Golf Club

-Golf de Pals

-Pitch & Putt Mas Torrellas

-Pitch & Putt Mas Tapiolas

- PGA Catalunya Golf Resort

-Par 3 P&P Gualta

-Empordà Golf Resort

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