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GHT hotel's Managers

GHT hotel's Managers

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From GHT HOTELS we are pleased to action to help those in need ... This document aims to collect all the actions that GHT Hotels has been doing during the last years and actions that now does. All of them related to Corporate Social Responsibility EMPLOYEES: ESSENTIAL PART OF GHT HOTELS:  In GHT we consider our employees as an essential part of the business. Due to this reason, we spend some working hours to their training. We have implemented a recognition program that rewards all employees who provide an excellent service. Our success depends on them and we want them to participate in our achievements.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT:  In GHT Hotels we believe in continuous improvement, which is why every year we get the challenge of increasing the activities we participate in Corporate Social Responsibility CLIENTS • CLUB GHT allows customers to earn points to be changed for discounts later. • Emphasis is placed on the follow up of internet opinions and reviews given by our clients. We track scores from a different websites, from the tablets placed in our hotels and the ones sent by email. • We conducted a monthly drawing between all the customers that had answered our internal satisfaction survey.

SOCIOCULTURAL: GHT Hotels is committed to the society and with the most disadvantaged groups. Associations with which it collaborates: • TRESC • Montblanc Foundation • FUNDEO • ASDI • CÁRITAS • Vicenç Ferrer Foundation • Friends and volunteers of Hospital de Calella • Feeding center Parroquia Poble Nou • First Festival of volunteer clowns from Calella Hospital. • MARATO TV3 through “Calella x La Marató “

ENVIRONMENT: GHT is committed to the environment and tries to share its concerns to all the takeholders. Being consistent with what we think, we established basic practices for responsible energy consumption.

ENERGY SAVING: We encourage our customers to make a responsible use of energy, which we also tried to do through: - Taps with flow restrictor in some hotels - Awareness campaign for the customers, by which we propose them to help us to safe energy and to be environmentally friendly - Informative posters asking our clients whether they want change of towels - Level indicator of AC temperature at some hotels - Use of energy saving light bulbs in public areas of the hotels where it is necessary

  • RECYCLING: Waste separation in headquarters and hotels. Selective collection of waste in some hotels. Recycling used cooking oil.

  • SOLAR PANELS: In 2011 we installed solar panels at some hotels for heating sanitary water and the indoor heated pool

  • HEALT: We use electrolysis of salt instead of chlorine in some of the pools of our hotels. This product is environmentally friendly and less aggressive to the skin.