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Beaches and coves

The coastal area of Tossa de Mar has countless beaches and beautiful coves. The beaches and coves located between Tossa de Mar and Sant Feliu de Guíxols are particularly charming, set in a natural and tranquil landscape. Near Tossa, Es Racó beach still exudes a sense of history, and Sa Platja is a major tourist with bars and services, lots of sand and plenty of sun.

Playa de Vallpresona de Tossa de Mar

Vallpresona is a nudist beach with limited parking. For those wanting to scuba dive in Tossa de Mar, access is available from Cala del Señor Ramón, where there are more services. The beach is made up of large pebbles so it is best to wear good shoes. There is no sandy area and parking is at kilometre 34 on the road between Tossa and Sant Feliu.

Cala Salions de Tossa de Mar

Cala Salions is 80 metres long and 50 metres wide. Normally, Cala Salions has high occupancy. It is a semi-urban, sandy beach, surrounded by mountains and lots of vegetation and can accommodate a large number of visitors. It has a bar and restaurant, first aid and showers.

Cala Sa Futadera de Tossa de Mar

Sa Futadera is a clear and calm water cove, 100 metres by 10 metres. A sandy cove with pebbles, its remoteness means it has low occupancy. It is an ideal cove where to spend the whole day, to anchor the boat and enjoy the views of steep cliffs full of vegetation.

Cala Giverola de Tossa de Mar

Cala Giverola is 175 metres long and 25 metres wide and normally has high occupancy. It is a semi-urban sandy beach. It has a car park, bar and restaurant, showers and services.

Cala Pola from Tossa de Mar

Cala Pola, 70 metres long by 20 metres wide, is a secluded and sandy beach. This small cove is usually quite busy. Small boats often come here for visitors to see the seabed and visit other nearby coves.

Cala Bona de Tossa de Mar

Cala Bona is a hidden cove with somewhat uncomfortable access that is 20 metres long and 10 metres wide. Normally the occupancy level of Bona Creek is medium. The composition is rock/sand and the only facilities are a beach bar.

Cala Sant Jaume de Tossa de Mar

Cala Sant Jaume is a small cove with pebbles and rocks. It is difficult to access along the cliffs. The viewpoint of the same name has spectacular views.

Playa de la Palma or Mar Menuda of Tossa de Mar

This urban sandy beach is 180 metres long by 20 wide. Normally the occupancy level of Mar Menuda beach is high. It has disabled access, a bar and restaurant, services, showers, scuba diving, skating and kayak hire, first aid and parking.

Playa del Reig de Tossa de Mar

Playa del Reig is a small and quiet beach located 2 minutes’ walk north of Playa Grande.

Playa Grande de Tossa de Mar

Playa Grande de Tossa de Mar beach is 385 metres long by 50 metres wide and normally has a high occupancy level. An urban beach - sandy. It is the most popular beach in Tossa de Mar, where tourists and holidaymakers go to enjoy all kinds of services, attractions and entertainment. It has a Blue Flag.

Playa d'es Codolar de Tossa de Mar

D'es Codolar beach is located beside the wall of Tossa, is 90 metres long and 10 metres wide and has a Blue Flag. Normally the occupancy level is medium. An urban beach - sandy.

Cala Llevadó de Tossa de Mar

This beach, 65 metres long by 35 wide, is usually quite busy. It is a secluded beach with pebbles and sand. A small cove where you can enjoy a wide range of water sports. It is accessed by crossing the campsite of the same name on foot.

Cala d'en Carlos de Tossa de Mar

Cala d'en Carlos is a wonderful beach not far from Cala Llevadó.

Cala d'es Rajols de Tossa de Mar

Cala d'es Rajols is a nudist cove not far from Cala Llevadó and Cala d'en Carlos It is secluded, with golden sands and magnificent views.

Playa de Llorell de Tossa de Mar

Llorell Beach is a semi-urban sandy beach, 460 metres long and 50 metres wide. Normally its occupancy level is high. It is a very lively beach with beautiful views of the bay, lots of vegetations, services, facilities and a water sports club.

Playa de Porto Pi de Tossa de Mar

Porto Pi Beach is a secluded and quiet sandy beach that is 355 metres long by 30 wide. Normally its occupancy level is low. It is accessed from the neighbouring beach of Llorell.

Cala Morisca de Tossa de Mar

Cala Morisca is a secluded beach only accessible by the sea or via the woods. It is 20 metres long and 8 metres wide. Normally the occupancy level of the Morisca cove is low.

Catalonia’s beaches at your fingertips

If you want to have all Catalonia’s beaches of at your fingertips, the Generalitat of Catalonia has created an application providing information about 300 Catalan beaches: It is called PlatgesCat (Platges Catalunya). This application provides relevant information on water quality, safety flags, jellyfish, the state of the sea and the services and equipment available.

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