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Culture and museums

During your visit to Tossa de Mar, make sure you take a walk through the old quarter and discover its beautiful corners. Another place to visit in Tossa de Mar is the still operational lighthouse. In addition, you will find a wide variety of outdoor sculptures throughout the town that will make your imagination fly. 

Tossa Lighthouse

If you are wondering what to visit in Tossa de Mar during your holidays, Tossa lighthouse is a very good option. It is one of the emblematic places of the city since it has been classified as a Cultural Heritage Site. Tossa Lighthouse is still in operation and has an Interpretation Centre for Mediterranean Lighthouses.

Tossa Municipal Museum

Tossa Municipal Museum is located in the middle of the Vila Vella, or old town. It was inaugurated on September 1, 1935 and can be considered the first museum of modern art in Spain. It includes an important collection of modern art, with works from a historical background of Catalan art from the late 19th and and early 20th centuries, as well as national and foreign artists who frequented Tossa de Mar in the 1930s. One work of art produced in this period was "The Celestial Violinist" by painter Marc Chagall.

Outdoor sculptures

Some of the most striking outdoor sculptures of Tossa de Mar are:

  • Welcome to the visitor - (Antonio Aranda) - Pl. De les Nacions sense Estat
  • The seafaring woman - (Bonaventura Ansón) - C / Portal, mirador d'es Codolar
  • Ava Gardner - (Ció Abellí) - Passeig de Vila Vella
  • The mermaid sentinel - (Emília Xargay) - Plaça del Far
  • Witness - (Bonaventura Ansón) - Passeig de Vila Vella
  • Minerva - (Frederic Marès) - Av. Sant Raimon de Penyafort
  • The seagull - (Lluís Carbonell) - Av. Sant Raimon de Penyafort
  • Woman mending nets - (Josep Puig i Valls) - Jardín junto a la Av. de la Palma
  • Poseidon and the nymph, Tossa - (Bonaventura Ansón) - Av. Costa Brava
  • Med-Max - (Joan Cruspinera) - Av. Catalunya
  • Monument to blood donors - (Rosa Serra) - Av. Catalunya

The Tossa Women's Museum

This route is a guided tour on foot, called "Tossa with the eyes of a woman", and shows, from some of its most emblematic places and monuments, the customs and traditions of Tossa, always having as its guiding thread the singular look of women who have marked the history of the village.

From Friday 2 July, every Friday at 19:00 in the evening, upon registration at the Tourist Office.

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