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Legal Note and Privacy Policy GHT HOTELS

GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR ACCESS AND USE OF WEB PAGE: 1. Introduction ; The general conditions for access and use of the Web (henceforth referred to as “General Conditions”), regulate the access and use of the web page (henceforth referred to as the WEB), which has the object of reserving, by persons, physical or juridical, (henceforth referred to as the CLIENT), hotel rooms displayed in the web pages. The company details of are: GESTIÓ HOTELERA I TURÍSTICA, S.A. NIF: A58128331. Amadeu 39, entresol 08370 Calella (Barcelona) Inscribed in the Business Register of Barcelona, volume 20956, folio 194, sheet B-14505. To acquire the products offered in this web page you must fill in the fields with the details required, and accept the present General Conditions. Once the CLIENT has accessed the web page, they do so agreeing totally, without any exceptions, with the General Conditions stated by the COMPANY. 2. Procedures to formalise contracts (booking) 2.1. Client registration: If the CLIENT accesses for the first time the WEB and wishes to register or become a member of CLUB GHT before contract its services, they must fill in the registration form by clicking on the button “SIGN and REGISTER IN CLUB GHT ” which can be found in the details of any of the hotels contained in the web pages. From that moment they will be regarded as a CLIENT of the COMPANY and accredited as a user of the WEB, or club member with username and password, strictly personal and untransferable by the CLIENT, being their duty to protect it. The CLIENT is solely responsible for the loss, removal or misuse of the user code and any consequences that may occur. 2.2. Formalisation of contract: Although it is possible to make a reservation without registering or being a member of CLUB GHT, once registered, the CLIENT may MAY BOOK AND ACUMULATE POINTS AND DISCOUNTS after first consulting the “Reservation Contract Conditions” contained on the same web page, which the CLIENT automatically accepts if they continue with the process of contracting. To confirm the contracting of any offers on the WEB, the button "accept" must be pressed on the web page containing the reservation details. Within 48 hours after the formalisation of the contract, the COMPANY will confirm it has received the details by sending an e-mail with an acknowledgement of receipt. From the moment the CLIENT saves his details on the COMPANY data base, it already forms a part of the contract formalised. During 48 hours of receiving a new reservation, the hotel reserves the right to modify or cancel it if it detects an error in form, price or payment. 2.3. Modification of client details: At any time, the CLIENT can access their details, modify and/or cancel, through the option of “modify details” on the WEB, after inserting their user code or by sending an e-mail. CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT Before paying the deposit the CLIENT must be aware that this action forms a part of the contract between themselves and the hotel desired and obliges the two parts with the following conditions:

1. The hotel promises to provide, on the dates agreed, all the appropriate hotel services to the persons included in the reservation.

2. The client promises to honour the details of the reservation made with the hotel, which can only be changed with the prior agreement of the hotel.

3. The client will pay the outstanding amount due to the hotel during their stay, at the prices agreed beforehand and which are stated in the web pages of "GHT hotels".

4. In the event that the customer decides to cancel the booking, the hotel will keep the amount paid at the time of booking, as expenses of cancellation.

5. For reservations longer than 7 days, the hotel may require the client to pay the cost of the hotel rooms on a weekly basis to the hotel reception. REGISTERED COMPANY DETAILS -HOTELES COSTA DEL MARESME,S.A. (HOTEL BALMES***) CIF-A-58469255 Inscribed in the Business Register of Barcelona, Volume 8947, Folio 82, Sheet B-41198 inscription 3ª HB-000208 -HOSTOMISA,S.A. (HOTEL MARITIM***) CIF-A-08240525 Inscribed in the Business Register of Barcelona, Volume 23510, Folio 80, Sheet B-55986 HB-000296 -HOPARK,S.A. (HOTEL OASIS PARK & SPA****) CIF-A-17016114 Inscribed in the Business Register of Girona , Volume 100, Folio 189, Sheet 671, book 35, section 3ª. HG-001804 -MONERVO,S.A. (HOTEL AQUARIUM & SPA****) CIF-A-17095225 Inscribed in the Business Register of Girona, Volume 301, Folio 29, Sheet GI-5853, inscription 9ª HG-002132 -TERPLEXTON, S.L. (HOTEL MIRATGE**** sup) CIF B67019125 IInscribed in the Business Register of Girona, Volume 45955, Foli 149, Sheet B504066 inscription 1. -HOTELERA ESPAÑOLA,S.A. ( HOTEL COSTA BRAVA***) CIF-A-17006941 Inscribed in the Business Register of Girona, Volume 494, Folio 22, Sheet GI-9611,inscription 20ª HG-001295

-OLONETO,S.L. (HOTEL NEPTUNO***) CIF-B-17418955 Inscribed in the Business Register of Girona, Volume 723, Folio 112, Sheet GI-13885 HG-000166 -NERMO,S.A. (HOTEL OASIS TOSSA & SPA****) CIF-A-17069923 Inscribed in the Business Register of Barcelona , Volume 464, Folio 135, Sheet GI-9130, inscription 13ª. HG-002105 -LATOX2J,S.L. (HOTEL SA RIERA****) CIF-B55245740 Inscribed in the Business Register of Barcelona , Volume 2052, Folio 122, Sheet GI-59056, inscription 1ª. HG-001790 -FRANESTUR, S.A. (APARTHOTEL TOSSA PARK**) CIF-A-17010307 Inscribed in the Business Register of Barcelona , Volume 58, Folio 159, Sheet GE-1043, inscription 20ª. HG-002203 -AUGUSTA MARKETING DIRECTO,S.L. (S’AGARO MAR HOTEL****) CIF-B-60907839 Inscribed in the Business Register of Barcelona , Volume 2838, Folio 001, Sheet B-134467 HG-000293 -VACANSHOTEL,S.A. (HOTEL XALOC***) CIF-A-17041351 Inscribed in the Business Register of Barcelona, Volume 8376, Folio 22, Sheet B-33540 inscription 7ª. HG-000385 CREDITS AND COPYRIGHT The information contained in is valid until its latest update and must be considered by the user as an introduction of the services and other information contained in its pages. GHT HOTELS may modify at any time the General Conditions stated on without having to notify users of the web page.

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