September, 2023
September, 2023
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Promotional code

What is a promotional code and what is it for?

With a discount code or promotional code, you'll get other benefits in addition to the basic rate conditions. 

How is it used? 

If you already have a code, enter it in the Promotional Code field and start the booking process. If the reservation meets the conditions of the code, it will be automatically applied to the reservation. 


General conditions of use:

A promotional code can only be applied to the accommodation and pension portion of your booking.

Any discounts associated with your promotional code cannot be applied to the complementary product portion of the booking.

Only one promo code can be applied to a booking.

GHT HOTELS reserves the right to apply or not to apply a promotional code.

Apart from the general conditions of use, each promotional code has specific conditions. 

These conditions can be viewed on the information page of the campaign or offer related to the code (for example, the expiration dates of the code and the hotels to which the code can be applied).

Política del sistema integral de calidad

This Quality policy is the framework for establishing and reviewing the objectives of the comprehensive quality system, based on the commitment to continuous improvement of its activities.

Objectives and goals are established annually to guarantee this continuous improvement. Taking into account the context, we identify, evaluate and address the risks and opportunities that may affect the quality of the service, the identified environmental aspects as well as the legal requirements. To this end, we are committed to maintaining a conduct of permanent adaptation to compliance with current legislation and quality regulations that apply to us both for reasons of activity and geographical location.

The responsibility for achieving the Quality and Environment Policy is shared, its principles are reviewed periodically, paying special attention to people and being communicated to all employees and clients as well as remaining available to collaborators and interested parties.

Our principles are based on offering:

• Search for maximum customer satisfaction. Do things right and the first time. Contribute to the well-being and comfort of our clients, who seek a more personalized, familiar and pleasant treatment. Maximum vocation for service: treating each client as we would like to be treated. Make you feel cared for, listened to, pampered.

• Pursuit of Quality in the product and service as a means to achieve customer loyalty.

• Offer an excellent quality-price ratio, being one of the factors that our clients value most. Effectiveness and efficiency in the operational management of our activity that allows us to offer good market prices and at the same time ensure quality for customers and profitability for shareholders.

• Consideration of the human team as one of the fundamental keys to success, promoting continuous training as a key to business success.

• Innovate and offer continuous improvements in our services and facilities, adjusting them to new customer needs, differentiating ourselves from the competition and taking care of the environment.

• Implementation of measures to reduce the environmental impact generated by hotel management operations, promoting energy efficiency and minimizing resource consumption in the facilities, as well as the management and reduction of global pollution.

• Promote environmental awareness, awareness and communication among all employees and clients of the organization, achieving involvement and collaboration according to these new values.

This Quality Policy is part of the general culture of the group and is understood and understood by all staff.


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Date: August 2023

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