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The Spa at the Hotel GHT Costa Brava & Spa

Relax at the hotel spa for free

If you want to use your holiday to get healthy and pamper yourself, Hotel GHT Costa Brava & Spa is the best choice. The hotel has a free interior area available for guests with facilities for relaxing and well-being. Access to the spa is restricted exclusively to guests over 16 years of age. Those under 16 may only enter the spa between 11:00 and 15:00, always accompanied by their parents and providing that they respect the rules in place for each area.

Spa Area

The hotel's Spa Area is an indoor area that has a Turkish bath, heated pool, hydrotherapy shower, thermal beds and a Whirlpool bath.

Whirlpool bath

Relax and let your mind go blank with the bubbles in our marvellous Whirlpool bath.

Sequential showers

To enjoy a sea of sensations

Pediluvi: foot and legs shower

Have you ever walked on the feet feeling the rain? Here you can enjoy this sensation

Thermal sun beds

To relax as never with the heat they breathe and relieve back pains


If you like practising sports even when you're on holiday with your partner, family or friends, the hotel has a room with gym equipment available for you.  

Massage Room

For those who prefer relaxing with a massage, you can go to the massage room and select the treatment you like the most. 

Massage price list Massage Room
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