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Entertainment at the Hotel GHT Oasis Park & Spa

Discover entertainment for the whole family

The Hotel GHT Oasis Park & Spa offers a variety of services to ensure that the children have a great time and feel at home during their family holidays in Lloret de Mar. 

Hotel and Mini Club Entertainment

To ensure that the little ones in the family have a great time, in the summer the hotel has an activity programme suitable for all families.

Hotel Mascot

The hotel has a mascot called Jordi, a very fun dragon who brings great moments to life for the little ones.

Children's Facilities

At the mini club and on the swings at Hotel GHT Oasis Park & Spa, your children can have fun every day of their holiday.

Halloween with activities and entertainment

During the celebration of Halloween, the GHT Oasis Park & Spa Hotel disguises itself and prepares many activities in which children, and not so children, also dress up and have fun. Come back to enjoy it!

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