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Commitment to Sustainability

GHT Balmes, sustainable hotel certified with "Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle"

Our commitment to moving towards a model of sustainable tourism based on social and ecological responsibility has led us to obtain the commitment to sustainability "Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle".

Our goal is to meet the current needs of our customers without adversely affecting future generations, seeking a balance between economic growth, preserving the environment and providing social welfare.

For this reason, like other tourism companies in the province of Barcelona, ​​we have adhered to the commitment to the sustainability of the BIOSPHERE destination since 2020.

If you stay in our establishment, you will see that we have been adapting facilities such as:

- the installation of LED lights in most of the hotel (facade, gardens, corridors, rooms, lounges, etc).

- We select the waste with specific containers located in each service area and also in the garden, so that each person on our team and each client can separate plastic, glass, cardboard and organic matter.

- we try to offer products in bulk instead of individual packaging, in order to reduce individual plastic wrap by 4%.

- our new SPLASH pool works by saline electrolysis of the water with which we have eliminated the use of chlorine in it.

- We have started the installation of automatic drip irrigation in the garden plants with a system with an efficient drip programmer.

And we continue working to move forward on this path of no return.

BIOSPHERE certification is the result of annually complying with a collection of criteria that evaluate our commitment to sustainability.


We offer tourist resources, routes, excursions, and provide information in general to visitors so that they respect the environment with sustainable activities.

We also encourage customers not to waste water and decide whether or not they want us to change their towels, depending on their condition, so as not to waste water, energy or cleaning products if not needed.

Measures for responsible consumption Measures for responsible consumption


We differentiate and properly separate organic waste from cardboard, plastic and glass, and we deliver them daily to a specialized company dedicated to recycling. We also recycle used oil from the kitchen and the snack bar.


Our facilities cause the minimum visual impact on the landscape of Calella and we are always very carefull when we have to think about improvements for the establishment.


The decoration of our establishment is in complete accordance with our culture.


Our gardens and flower beds are full of native flora, which is perfectly adapted to our climate.


We prioritize, whenever possible, the consumption of products in returnable and / or refillable packaging.


We offer wines and dishes cooked with local products both in our Restaurant and in the Snack Bar.


Responsibility in relation to the use of paper, using paper made with biodegradable material. We have also long started a process of digitizing documents and processes, minimizing prints and when needed, using “green” biodegradable material.


We guarantee energy savings in lighting and optimize energy consumption with the advice of a specialized company and gradually changing the lighting points to LED lights.

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