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Services for cyclists at the GHT Balmes Hotel, Aparthotel & Splash

Hotel adapted to cycle tourism

The GHT Balmes Hotel, Aparthotel & Splash is one of the few hotels in Calella certified with the Cycle Tourism (DCC) seal, which recognises it as a hotel that meets the requirements to accommodate cyclists, whether enthusiasts, experienced professionals or also families who like to get to know the territory by riding a bicycle. In addition, the town of Calella is recognised by the Catalan Tourism Agency as a destination specialised in road cycling although it also offers routes through nature with incredible views and has a wide range of services aimed at all fans of this sport. 

More Information 

Bike storage

At the hotel we have a space exclusively dedicated to cyclists, to store safetely their bicycles. It is a private space where only authorised allocated cyclists can access.

Small bike workshop

In the bike storage area, you will find a small workshop in case you need to carry out any f repairs on your bicycle. 

Cleaning bicycles area

We have an outdoor space where you can clean your bike after a day cycling, and leave it ready for the next route.

Guided trips and bike tours

At the hotel we can put you in contact with companies specialised in bicycles that offer guided trips and tours. You can also find them all in the Wikiloc profile.

Menus adapted to cyclists

At the hotel we prepare menus for cyclists on request; in addition, we offer picnics to make eating easy en route. 

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